At Digital 360, we take a holistic view of your business software needs.  We look at each aspect of your business and find the most suitable system for that task.

For example, Zoho Mail, Zoho Business and Zoho CRM are ideal for managing communication, documentation and customer delivery but we have found Xero to have one of the best cloud accounting systems for New Zealand SMEs.  Therefore we have developed the expertise and systems to integrate Zoho CRM with Xero accounting so that each system passes and shares the same customer data thereby avoiding double entry while at the same time improving visibility of customer information.

Other examples of integration between Zoho CRM and third party systems include:

1.  Mailchimp (a system that specialises in email marketing) – while Zoho CRM is very good at segmenting your leads and contacts, MailChimp is excellent at safely delivering emails without being tagged as spam.

2. SMS gateway – this enables SMS txt marketing to connect directly into Zoho CRM allowing automation of campaigns such as outbound marketing as well as loyalty schemes.