Archive: October, 2011

iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy SII for Cloud computing

Lets do  quick comparison between the new features that come with the iPhone 4s and those available with the Samsung Galaxy S2 and see which is the best for business Cloud Computing. Voice control – The biggest talking point with the iPhone 4s is “Siri” the voice control feature.  It allows you to us voice […]

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Steve Jobs made data portable

Steve Jobs – we have not seen the last from you, I,m sure of that! The legacy that Steve Jobs has left the world is eminence. He was the one that “made data portable”. From the MacBook to the iPhone then the iPad he has push data from something that was tethered to a landline […]

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New iPhone 4S Disappointment or Another Winner?

Well in my opinion Apple have missed some tricks here. Credit: First, Apple badly mismanaged people’s expectations here.  Remember the old adage, “lower expectations and then over-deliver”.  Apple should have leaked out the fact it was going to be a 4S and not the iPhone 5 to lower expectations. Second, by using technology which […]

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Make Zoho Mail as your Web Browser mail software

Ever browsing the internet and want to on an email address to create a new email in Zoho Mail? If you are using Firefox v7 click on the dropdown arrow besides the “Compose” button in Zoho Mail and then select “Set ZMail as default”. Then when you click on an email link in your Firefox […]

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