Archive: January, 2013

Introducing the Zoho CRM Document Library

Organising, sharing and collaborating on documents between Zoho CRM users has become a whole lot easier and more convenient. Zoho has now incorporated the features of Zoho Docs directly into Zoho CRM making it more convenient to access and work on documents. Folders & sharing You have a broad product portfolio and large sales organiszation […]

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Drag-n-drop Folders from Desktop to Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs has further enhanced its drag-and–drop feature by adding a new, time-saving functionality. Now, instead of dragging and dropping single files, you can drag-and-drop entire folders from your desktop into Zoho Docs. This enhancement is supported only in the Chrome browser, version 21 or higher. To upload your folders into Zoho Docs from your […]

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