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What’s new in Zoho Docs 3.0

The following video will demonstrate some of the new features that have been added to Zoho Doc in version 3.0, these include: * more efficient navigation * admin permissions for workspaces * easier public access to files so that you can share to non zoho users and embed into websites For more information please feel […]

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Zoho Mail – New Archive Emails View

For those who have been using the Zoho Mail interface for a while and who archive your emails you will notice that the Archive folders have disappeared. Don’t worry they have not been deleted, it is just that the way you view them has changed. Zoho has changed this to tidy up and shorten the […]

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Introducing the Zoho CRM Document Library

Organising, sharing and collaborating on documents between Zoho CRM users has become a whole lot easier and more convenient. Zoho has now incorporated the features of Zoho Docs directly into Zoho CRM making it more convenient to access and work on documents. Folders & sharing You have a broad product portfolio and large sales organiszation […]

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Drag-n-drop Folders from Desktop to Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs has further enhanced its drag-and–drop feature by adding a new, time-saving functionality. Now, instead of dragging and dropping single files, you can drag-and-drop entire folders from your desktop into Zoho Docs. This enhancement is supported only in the Chrome browser, version 21 or higher. To upload your folders into Zoho Docs from your […]

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Making Zoho Mail default email client in Google Chrome

For those of you using Zoho Mail and Google Chrome you can make it so that when you click on a email address link on a web page it opens a new Zoho Mail email rather than opening up Outlook or Outlook Express. Watch the following youtube video for instructions, just two simple steps: The […]

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Scan Business Cards into Zoho CRM

How often have you come back from a conference or a meeting with a lead / client and you have a fist full of business cards to enter into your Zoho CRM system. Well I have found a great Android app which allows you to take a photo of a business card and export the […]

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Zoho Campaigns – Email & Social Marketing

Zoho Campaigns finally brings you the ability to communicate to your customers and prospects by providing the platform to send emails and post on social media in a way that is professional, safe and traceable. All this is fully integrated with Zoho CRM so there is no more copy/paste or importing of email lists. Just […]

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Announcing Zoho Campaigns: Email and Social Media Marketing With Tight CRM Integration

Today we’re happy to announce Zoho Campaigns, the email marketing software from Zoho that features advanced CRM integration and social campaigns. With Zoho Campaigns, you can finally reach and engage your customers and prospects wherever they are – in email, Twitter, Facebook and more. Zoho Campaigns has all the bells-and-whistles that you can expect: mass […]

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Make Zoho Mail as your Web Browser mail software

Ever browsing the internet and want to on an email address to create a new email in Zoho Mail? If you are using Firefox v7 click on the dropdown arrow besides the “Compose” button in Zoho Mail and then select “Set ZMail as default”. Then when you click on an email link in your Firefox […]

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