Introducing the Zoho CRM Document Library

Organising, sharing and collaborating on documents between Zoho CRM users has become a whole lot easier and more convenient.

Zoho has now incorporated the features of Zoho Docs directly into Zoho CRM making it more convenient to access and work on documents.

Folders & sharing

You have a broad product portfolio and large sales organiszation spanning across different regions. It’d be a nightmare to try to replicate this structure, with the right permissions anywhere else other than your CRM. The Zoho CRM Document Library uses the same role-based security you’ve defined for your accounts & leads, CRM administrators can easily update the access control permissions.

You can also of course create multiple sub-folders, for collateral, training, legal, etc. to keep all your files organised.

Email documents to prospects

When you send an email to a prospect, you can easily search and attach the required files from the document library to email and save time. You can also link the documents to keep a record of what you’ve sent.

Reviews & Versioning

You can not only maintain collateral up-to-date, but also periodically receive feedback from colleagues and improve the quality of documents. Additionally, you can refer the previous versions and compare the changes.

More Storage Space!

Now that you have this, you’ll be using a lot more space in Zoho CRM. Well, we have good news for all our existing Professional and Enterprise Edition users. Zoho has now increased your organisations storage to  250 MB per user (or 500 MB/user in Enterprise Edition) storage space instead of 250 MB storage space for the whole organisation in Professional Edition. So, for example, if your company has subscribed to 20-user license, you will get total 5GB common storage space for all users. We’ve also increased the file storage for free users. I hope that this additional storage helps you centralise your sales collateral.


Share Content With The Right People

Create folders, sub-folders and share collateral to your salespeople based on roles in the organizational hierarchy.






Send Documents From Your CRM

Email proposals to your prospects by attaching documents from Zoho Docs, Google Drive, Document library or your local computer.






One Document. Multiple Versions

Check out files from the document library, modify and check in to maintain multiple versions of your sales collateral in a central repository.






Reviews Made Easy

Win more deals with improved quality of documents based on comments and feedback from your colleagues.


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