New iPhone 4S Disappointment or Another Winner?

Well in my opinion Apple have missed some tricks here.


First, Apple badly mismanaged people’s expectations here.  Remember the old adage, “lower expectations and then over-deliver”.  Apple should have leaked out the fact it was going to be a 4S and not the iPhone 5 to lower expectations.

Second, by using technology which is perceived as slower or the same as most other smart phones coming out today, it feels like Apple is playing catchup rather than leading the market.  Yes, admittedly Apple’s operating system may be slightly faster but this just makes them competitive when they could have been so much more.

It was a shame Apple could not have push the technology boundaries one last time to give Steve Jobs a spectacular memorial.

THAT SAID, if you don’t have an iPhone4, this latest offering from Apple at least competitive with those using Android and Windows.

ON THE OTHER HAND, if you already have an iPhone4 is probably best to stick with it until iPhone 5 eventually comes out next year.  Some, if not all the software improvements will be rolled out for the older phone so hang tight.

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