Zoho has produced the world’s most comprehensive and integrated suite of cloud applications available today.

From integrated, easy to manage communication applications that give you control over your business emails  and the ability to share calendars across your business to having one touch access to all your customer and supplier information from contact details to what was said in a telephone conversion 6 months ago.

Other benefits include:

*  Affordable pay as you go pricing with out the need of expense software licenses and cumbersome office base servers.

*  Fully backed up data and redundant servers.

*  Constantly developing and improving systems.

*  Endless storage capacity.

*  Access you information from any device from laptop to smartphone or tablet.

*  Powerful features previously the reserve of large corporations like webinar meetings and remote support.

*  Ability to integration with third party systems such as Xero Accounting so that you no longer have to enter information in twice.